22 Oct 2012

Instagram Time!

Shopping and my outfit I'm wearing daily. Keep up to date with my instagram @shelduffy

Hope you guys like it x

21 Oct 2012

Handmade Backpack starting 99p


Up for bidding on starting from 99p and I'm giving it 7 days or you can message me for buy it now price. International shipping can be arrange or meeting and paying in cash arrange.

One of a kind bag, I added the stud on myself which was super hard work. Hands hurts from it, got cuts from it and spend a long time adding the stud on. I made the bag as one of a kind backpack so no one will have the same as you and I have made upto 7 designs in MINT OR HOT PINK.

Keep up-to-date on my blog post to see what I have on sell and some more backpacks designs! Enjoy!

First time on street style

First go on street style photography and I'm finding it pretty hard to keep up, don't know how you guys do it!

My experience on Manchester street styles is terrible, I walk around and stand around for a long time just waiting to find someone that catches my eyes. Not only that, I also been turned down a few times! To be honest, it was kinda fun and making me become even more inspired. Yes, I would do it again.

This autumn we adding black to everything we wear, make black the piece that is required. Black is simple and easy to add on to your outfit.

What people wear really appear to me as it allow them to be confidence. What people wear is not only what you see and what you get but also tells you their story. This post is dedicated to the real people on the street and the style they exhibit.

19 Oct 2012

Morning Autumn

Keep yourself warm this autumn in big inside out look aviators and add extra colours to wake up that dull autumn weather. Coat: Topshop Top: Vintage Pants: H&M Boots: Office

9 Oct 2012

Things I own

A few things that I own.

1 Oct 2012

Lilac Tiger

This dress was bought from a market in manchester which was only 7 pounds!

The colouring is DIY, all you have to do is use a white dress and do is the dip dye effect at the bottom edge, easy! find tips over the internet or youtube

The photo didn't come out to well but this will have to do for now, hope you guys like it

Serisouly Spicy

Triangle Necklace/Asos
Horse head clutch/Wilbur & Gussie
Batwing Sweater/Romwe
Faux fur coat/Bhs
Dirty shorts/Miss Selfridge
Fedora Hat/Christys
Pleated skirt/Alice & Olivia
Tardy Boots/Jeffrey Campbell
U shaped stud boots/TopShop
Watch/Marc Jacobs
Round Glasses/Asos

Got the hot for red right now, not red red, bloody dark red!

These are some of my favorite picks for red, go spicy this autumn