15 Nov 2010

Bra tops

I own alot of bra tops and they basically look good with anything!

Closer up to the bra top

14 Nov 2010

Black & Kiss

Black and silver with a hint of leather and fur.

13 Nov 2010

Birthday Moschino

The military blazer which I bought from topshop for 65 pound I think! All I did is used a gold rope which can be bought from onlne or market and attach them together onto the coat!

The gold chain can be bought the same but it was just some of my left over chain which I wrap it aroung the button on one side and just let it hang on the other side so it can be remove when I want!

9 Nov 2010

Tick Tock

This is my fav short! I actually bought it from thailand for £4! I'm so happy I bought them but this is the first time i weared them lol.

The necklace I also bought from thailand for £3! they are amazing and beautiful and really go with this outfit!.

Didn't want to put too much stuff on so I made the outfit more exciting with necklace and fur bag! <3

8 Nov 2010

It's just an imagination

I used paper stars to do this picture!

5 Nov 2010

Brown Fox

Original and Full body


25 Oct 2010

Spike Cage

In the belly of the shark

So fucking cold

And so fucking dark

14 Oct 2010

Feathers in the wind

Love Native Americans culture.