4 Nov 2011

LB: Vampire Fangs

I never got a chance to post many of my outfit from lookbook so I'm just doing them very slowly while I'm quite busy with other stuff. So this look I find it very rock and roll, and also fresh! The fangs t-shirt (which I bought long time ago no idea where) actually GLOWS IN THE DARK! It has to be my favorite of all t-shirt I have ever own I most say. For that rock and roll, and punky look, I foldded my sleeves until it gives the t-shirt that foldded look. To be honest, this was an inspirational from my first boyfriend that I dated at age of 16 and broke up which I was 18. He used to fold his shirt alot but I never really took the inspiration of it till today.

The pant has to be my favorite pants I have ever own. I love them so much that it seems like to be the only pair of pants I wear these days. Maybe I should get some more in different colours LOL. The pant is worn up to my waist and the t-shirt is tucked in just (only on the front area) so the best details part of the pants is displayed on my outfit.

To top this look, I wear my vampire fangs necklace and a cross necklace to give that vampire and death look which is cool since the necklace and the shirt is the same type of stuff. Since I'm wearing two necklace already, I don't want to over do the outfit too much so I didn't wear any rings, earrings or bracelet.

And for a finally touch, the shoes! the shoes is the best part of all and it got to be done! it's Jeffrey Campbell warning creeper platforms and it's the sex! love them! They may be way to high but really, who can possiblly resist them.

To end this post, sorry I'm going to have to do some camwhoring :)

Go try it out, put some rock and roll, gothic, punk style in your life. Take some inspiration and advice from me and share it to others! x

3 Nov 2011

Take a walk NYC

Oh baby take me there...

The big capital city, the fashion, the trends, the styles, the mix etc. Lets take a walk down this streets. See the fashion in movement, see the bits and pieces, see how they work it and how they mix them. It just perfect, not too little and not too much. I love to be there right now wearing what I want and doing what I want.

Oh and this is just something random and something I want to post for no reason at all. Each piece are special and it's something amazing in our eyes. Eyecatching but yet amazing.

2 Nov 2011

LB: Purple & Black

Love this outfit which is probably perfect for this coming up spring 2012. Sparkles, leather and fur is best mix with darker colours. How great is this outfit, it looks just perfect front and back and different right?

Maybe it would be a really good idea if I was wearing a jacket or a coat with this look since it will look good either this coming winter or spring.

I didn't get this idea from anyone else. All the pieces was next to each other and thats where it came from.

Hope you like it

28 Oct 2011

Tokyo Fashion Week

Phenomenon 2012 S/S Collection

Banal Chic Bizarre “Old Future” – Womenswear 2012 S/S

Keita Maruyama Tokyo Paris 2012 S/S

Christian Dada 2012 S/S – SIGNAL / NOIZE

Araisara 2012 S/S Collection

19 Oct 2011

Floral Cross

Knit jumper: Charity store
Floral Cross: DIY
Shorts: DIY
Shoes: Jeffrey Campbell