25 Apr 2012

Instagram: 25/04/12

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LB: Last Halloween

This outfit was done over halloween week for 2011. Was fun to enter the competition on and have a little fun with the outfit. The outfit of course is meant to be a skeleton and these piece I have bought match so well together.

I really love the skirt as you can see right thru the skirt to my leggings. Speaking of transparent items, transparent bags is very popular right now and slowly appearing into our eyes.

Top: Ebay
Skirt: American Apparel
Socks: Ebay
Shoes: Jeffrey Campbell
Bag: DIY

23 Apr 2012

Origami techniques for Heineken Beer Club

Yes, Heineken Beer Company designs the club and fashion wear for their promotions. Recently, I've been reading about Heineken Design Exploration for their new nightlife club which the designed is totally out of this world. They idea was inspired by Tokyo city in Japan where all different ideas what put together to something new. The design offers a lot of metallic or mirrored like effect providing heavy and cold look, UV light giving the party look to the club and green for the theme.

"We wanted to show design in action, not on a pedestal," said Heineken's Global Head of Design Mark van Iterson and the first project of their Open Design Explorations, a pop up nightclub in the Tortona district during Milan's Design Week.

I’m not really going to blog about the Heineken Beer club but interesting part of this promotion is the fashion in their uniform itself. As well as being an origami fan (like most orientals are), the uniform for Heineken Beer promotion was designed by ODE designer, Michelle Wu who used origami techniques to produce some amazing designed. Michelle Wu has really inspired after the creations she made for Heineken. For the uniform she successfully, she uses origami techniques to produce some amazing designs not only on the clothing itself, but she also used it on shoes.

After seeing the shoes she created, it really blow the hell out of my mind and I cannot stop thinking about it so just really wanted to get the words to you readers.

20 Apr 2012

LB: Blue Lady

Doing a little movement in the blue vintage dress.

Just gonna make this quick!

This was actually in November and it really was raining while I was doing the shoot. I no longer dress feminine like this, which means this maybe my last lady look. Just don't think it suit my personality as a person. People should dress how they like even if it doesn't suit them but seriously, this is so not me haha.

So yeah I'm going to be selling more of my items so keep reading and updating so you can grab them for cheaper! MY STORE

5 Apr 2012

Spring 2012 Pastels

The weather over here in UK isn't yet warm enough but the soft and warm ice cream colour is already hitting the catwalk, high streets and ready to be inspired by many of you. They are everywhere and everyone is going crazy from them. To me the colour is pretty, gentle, romantic and feminine look. Even know they are a much lighter colour, it still catching the hell out of my eyes!

This outfit of mine was taken for lookbook over last year.

I notice that pastels was in fashion over last year but this year, seems like it got ever bigger and more bolder for spring 2012. I've love pastels when it came out but seems like when everyone was doing a dip hair dye or dying their hair pastels/soft colours made the clothes and accessories turn pastel. Pastels look was spired mostly from creamy colours or ice cream colours. The colour is mostly soft, gentle, warm, sweet and cute. Not only the colour is refreshing and eye catching, it's also a theme for easter so get ready for the school holidays, the chocolate, the bunnies and cutest trend theme this year.

Unfortunately, since my skin is pretty dark... I can't really pull it off much so just gonna be less into it.

4 Apr 2012

LB: Free Spirit

Hey, still not yet got a new camera so just posting mostly my old looks and using photos that hasn't been posted for the look. The outfit is very simple using just a bra top, maxi skirt, heels and bag but each piece that I'm wearing for the outfit has come crazy design on it. The trend is probably best for out partying or if a plain coat or jacket is worn on top of the outfit, it would be suitable for day time out shopping or going fashion show.

Oh and don,t forget some jewellery. For this outfit I used all silver only on my head and from my neck to my toe is all gold. Adding a little fur bag to disply that winter maybe over but the weather isn't really warm enough this spring. The feathers is to add a little life of cultural into the outfit.

Bra top: Asos
Skirt: American Apparel
Shoes: Jeffrey Campbell
Bag: Thailand
Ear cuff: Ebay
Airplane and micki rings: Thailand
Two fingers ring: Topman