5 Dec 2012

Rock & Girly

Just a little play around with hair colour!

4 Dec 2012

Feeling Blue

We found this amazing wall art in Manchester by oxford road train station so we had to take some photos there. By the way, that's my brother in the last photo in case you guys didn't know. This is my uni day outfit, casual but yet full of texture and mix details.

2 Dec 2012

Wild & Creamy

This is what I call the perfect shades mix to match the British weather! Dull and plain colours with a hint of leather and a hint of prints to make it a little bit exciting. To be far, it was pretty boring so had to wear the hat to spice it up a little. Hope you guys like it

Boots: Topshop Boots
Coat: Topshop
Hat: Japan
Sweater: H&M
Bag: Asos
Pants: Primark