Who I'm I?
My name is Nanthicha Duffy but people find it easier to use my nickname which is Shel Duffy. It just a nickname or a made up name which doesn't mean anything. Was born in 12 November 1990, I'm 20 and very soon will be 21. I'm studying Fashion and technology design in England, United Kingdom. I am mix and my nationality is half Thai and half Chinese

Things I love
I love nature and living things, but on top of my list... it's got to be pandas, bunnies, flowers, trees, the river, the country side, the beach, the mountain, the rain, the snow, space/galaxy, people. Cultural from different countries is also interesting when it comes to styles, I also like different language that people speaks and different writing that people write. The most interesting language has got to be French, Korean and Japanese (Maybe one day I will learn at least one of them).

My Styles
I follow styles not fashion, another word, I'm inspired by many style at all time and not just one style at a time when each one is in fashion. Not only styles inspired me the most, people's attitude, people's personalities and people's work do too. My most favorites are Vintage, Classic, Girly, Punk, Gothic and Western. I also enjoy mixing the styles together making a different style that doesn't even in styles categories.

I like things that match well together and something that looks good on me. I sometime wear something simple and easy as they make me feel more comfortable which you don't really see me in but that's more likely to be at home. 

Have you ever like something so eye catching or nice and when you put it on, it just really doesn't match you? I get that a lot but sometime I just decide to not buy it at all as it doesn't match or something I buy it and make it blend in my outfits so that piece which doesn't match me is less bold and less noticeable. I like to shops hours and hours none stop in as many store as possible because sometime I think that I can get the same stuff for a lower price as I love bargains. 

I'm more likely to be shopping and buying stuff in Charity store, Secondhand store, Primark rather than stuff with high street brands like Topshop, Urban outfitters, American Apparel etc. But of course I do shop in high street brands a lot too and a few designers stuff.

I'm that style of person who doesn't like to very much have the same things as other people, I like being different and I like showing some creative ideas so what I usually do is buy it and edit or add on some creative things to it so that no one will have. You might even see me wearing my dress under a skirt or pants or something just wearing them as a dress. People are more likely to say "you have a lot of clothes" to me, but to be honest, with my creative ideas... it fools people and make them think that.

At home, I live with my mum, my step dad and my little brother. My brother himself has got a really nice style and I really believe he got that idea of being stylish off me! In the family, I think that me and my brother is the most style out of them all.
My auntie lives in London at the moment and we live in Chorley which is a big distance from each other. The rest of my familly lives in Thailand and I usually visit them every year but this year 2011, I never got a chance to visit them which I'm pretty disappointed about.