23 Apr 2012

Origami techniques for Heineken Beer Club

Yes, Heineken Beer Company designs the club and fashion wear for their promotions. Recently, I've been reading about Heineken Design Exploration for their new nightlife club which the designed is totally out of this world. They idea was inspired by Tokyo city in Japan where all different ideas what put together to something new. The design offers a lot of metallic or mirrored like effect providing heavy and cold look, UV light giving the party look to the club and green for the theme.

"We wanted to show design in action, not on a pedestal," said Heineken's Global Head of Design Mark van Iterson and the first project of their Open Design Explorations, a pop up nightclub in the Tortona district during Milan's Design Week.

I’m not really going to blog about the Heineken Beer club but interesting part of this promotion is the fashion in their uniform itself. As well as being an origami fan (like most orientals are), the uniform for Heineken Beer promotion was designed by ODE designer, Michelle Wu who used origami techniques to produce some amazing designed. Michelle Wu has really inspired after the creations she made for Heineken. For the uniform she successfully, she uses origami techniques to produce some amazing designs not only on the clothing itself, but she also used it on shoes.

After seeing the shoes she created, it really blow the hell out of my mind and I cannot stop thinking about it so just really wanted to get the words to you readers.

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  1. So inspirational!
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